Parents and Community

Even though Young Life is especially for kids, parents and other adults in the community are important to Young Life. Adults can support Young Life in a variety of ways — by becoming a volunteer leader or committee member, by attending a Young Life fund-raising event, by hosting Young Life or by simply telling others in the community about Young Life and its commitment to kids.

Volunteers Make Young Life Successful!

“A fundamental need of young people . . is for a stable, supportive bond with a caring adult...”  Carnegie Council Report, Great Transitions: Preparing Adolescents for a New Century, 1996

Young Life in Stillwater has an Area Committee of eight adults.  Seventy-six adults and youths volunteered last year to provide direct and indirect support for young people in our programs.

Young Life leaders care enough to leave the comfort of their adult world and enter the arena of high school and middle school life. You will find Young Life Leaders sitting with youth at games, meeting them for breakfast, tutoring students after school, supporting kids at the local skate park, driving car loads of young people to activities and events, and working along side youth on service and mission projects. In fact, you will find Young Life leaders almost anywhere you find young people.  Young Life leaders model trust, respect, and responsibility to their young friends, and they do it with in the meaningful context of a teenager’s world.

How Can You Help?

Please consider joining us and supporting Young Life’s mission.  If you are interested in supporting us financially as a donor, contributions can be mailed to the Young Life office or give online. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer adult leader or to help serve on Young Life Committee, please contact John Potts at 651-430-1873.  With your help, we will make a difference.


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