ReaLife is a program for high school aged youth and is part of Stillwater’s local Young Life organization. The ReaLife program gives students the opportunity to be a part of a supportive community of peers and adults on a weekly basis. We spend time together weekly eating a family-style meal, goofing off with games, skits, & contests, participating in a life-skills discussion on relevant life issues, and taking part in peer support groups.

ReaLife meets on Tuesday evenings, during the school year, from 6:00-8:30 pm. Check out our Program & Events Calendar for upcoming meetings and activities. Call the Young Life office (651-430-1873) to find out more or to ask about help with transportation.​​​​

Who is there, Why should I come, and What can I expect?

Students come to ReaLife from all over the St. Croix Valley. Many attend Stillwater Area High School, New Heights Charter School, or one of the Alternative Learning Programs in Stillwater. Individuals attend for a number of reasons. Some come to hang out with friends, others to get support in a laid back, safe environment for various things happening in their life, and some just for the food.
ReaLife will give you the opportunity on a weekly basis to kick back, be yourself, and be… well… real.  Come for the people, the fun, or just for the free food. Come to share your ideas or just to listen. Come to receive support and advice on the issues that are important to you or the support others through their hard times. Come to ReaLife to learn a little bit more, not only about who you are, but about who you are becoming.
A typical night starts at 6:00 pm with a family-style dinner that has been provided by either a local restaurant or by local families who prepare and serve the meal. After we eat and clean up, it is time to blow off some steam with an activity, game, skit, contest, or other surprise. The next thing we do is to all sit together for a life skills discussion on things like serving others, self esteem, friendship, anger, honesty, and positive values. Finally, we break into support groups to share about our week: the highs and lows. Support group time gives students a chance to both give and receive support through honest communication, respectful attention, and direct, on-track discussion in an atmosphere of confidentiality. Support Groups provide unconditional love, and the knowledge that each student is lovable, capable, & worthwhile, along with the understanding that we are not alone.
Note: ReaLife staff and adult leaders are mandatory reporters.  All leaders have passed a background check.

Camps and Retreats

ReaLife students get the opportunity each summer to experience the Best Week of their Lives at a Young Life camp property. Fall camp retreats also give students a chance to get away, have a blast, and experience a deepening of their relationships with friends, leaders, and with Jesus.

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